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  • Industry-standard languages
  • Structured development methodology
  • Track record of successful developments
  • Success in creative and many other environments

We have an overall vision. Software must deliver real business benefits. Not perceived, not imaginary...real benefit to your business that’s both tangible and visible. We’ve done this many, many times and are proud of the fact. It’s frequently why we are rehired again and again.

We take our programming and coding very seriously. Whether it’s SQL or C#, AppleScript or Visual Basic, XML or PHP, we use tried and tested, industrial-strength techniques on which we stake our reputation. We know our toolsets and what we can achieve for our clients. We frequently push the boundaries to get the results we’re after but we never lose sight of the risks to us and our clients. Our project management skills are honed to deal with this and we often use ‘proof-of-concept’ methods to demonstrate our vision.

If you’re looking for strong, robust code that will last the test of time then we can help. We know most platforms and we’re currently working extensively on .NET 2/3 and in the new Web 2.0 environment with the AJAX standards. We have clients’ databases producing efficient XML output for websites, thus reducing time to market dramatically - and with little fuss.

We’ve also designed and built bespoke image libraries, forex solutions and a number of e-commerce solutions on platforms such as .NET, Tango CGI, traditional ASP and PHP. If there’s a project we can help you with then please get in touch. We know our code and we’re also highly experienced with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Quark, InDesign and Flash - we use them all and have done for a long, long time. All you have to do is ask!

We are also proud of our creative heritage having extensive production experience in traditional design, retail and publishing environments. These shared skillsets mean we have the ability to see a project from several perspectives understanding and appreciating aesthetics as well as functionality which is invaluable when creating intuitive GUI.

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