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Content Management

You’ll know that the value in your organisation is your “content”. It might mean data, information, knowledge or wisdom but however you define it, it needs managing.

Managing the content of your organisation is more than just a system. It means optimising the flow of data from one end of the business process to the other. It means making sure that the right people are doing the right things at the right time…and only then does it usually mean having the right technology to support it.

But the technology isn’t just about software. It includes other steps such as:

Project Management

  • Define the scope of the project
  • Plan it – tasks, dependencies, resources, timing
  • Manage risks and issues
  • Deliver the project on time, on budget

To deliver the most cost effective and resilient software solution to a project, TripleFirst provides all the aspects of strategic IT planning and project management. From initial discussion through preliminary analysis to the requirements gathering documentation and functional specification, TripleFirst ensures accurate scheduling and cost analysis to keep the project exactly on track.

We’ve delivered many complex projects, usually from start to finish but not always. We’ve been called in to troubleshoot failing projects. We’ve also been hired to co-manage with other organisations on specific facets of a project, all reporting in a structured fashion. The result for our clients is their complete peace of mind.

Our experience is in managing the whole project cycle - from scoping and planning through to implementation and evaluating its success for the client. We keep our documentation concise and to the point. Very few projects are the same so we don’t rely on boilerplate formats. In particular we believe we are strong and thorough in our information-gathering and functional specification creation/production.

Data Engineering
  • Relational database design, modelling and optimisation
  • Legacy system integration and upgrading
  • Data cleansing and repurposing

In the field of complex database design and engineering, TripleFirst has extensive knowledge and experience to offer the most effective services. Our team can provide back-end systems, provisions for data storage and solutions for making the most of all your data – to increase your profit.

We are specialists in data engineering and data modelling, as well as using, repurposing, storing, displaying and outputting. These are among our core skills.

We are very familiar with working with legacy databases and data warehouses. Frequently we implement large MS SQL Server solutions then train our clients to maintain the systems - calling on us for support when required. This can include the re-purposing of legacy data, which means that its value isn’t lost because of updates to software.

So TripleFirst really helped its clients realise the greatest value in their data. In our combined years of experience we’ve provided database-driven solutions for Sony, Argos, Rowenta, First Choice and TUI.

  • Industry-standard languages
  • Structured development methodology
  • Track record of successful developments
  • Success in creative and many other environments

We have an overall vision. Software must deliver real business benefits. Not perceived, not imaginary...real benefit to your business that’s both tangible and visible. We’ve done this many, many times and are proud of the fact. It’s frequently why we are rehired again and again.

We take our programming and coding very seriously. Whether it’s SQL or C#, AppleScript or Visual Basic, XML or PHP, we use tried and tested, industrial-strength techniques on which we stake our reputation. We know our toolsets and what we can achieve for our clients. We frequently push the boundaries to get the results we’re after but we never lose sight of the risks to us and our clients. Our project management skills are honed to deal with this and we often use ‘proof-of-concept’ methods to demonstrate our vision.

If you’re looking for strong, robust code that will last the test of time then we can help. We know most platforms and we’re currently working extensively on .NET 2/3 and in the new Web 2.0 environment with the AJAX standards. We have clients’ databases producing efficient XML output for websites, thus reducing time to market dramatically - and with little fuss.

We’ve also designed and built bespoke image libraries, forex solutions and a number of e-commerce solutions on platforms such as .NET, Tango CGI, traditional ASP and PHP. If there’s a project we can help you with then please get in touch. We know our code and we’re also highly experienced with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Quark, InDesign and Flash - we use them all and have done for a long, long time. All you have to do is ask!

We are also proud of our creative heritage having extensive production experience in traditional design, retail and publishing environments. These shared skillsets mean we have the ability to see a project from several perspectives understanding and appreciating aesthetics as well as functionality which is invaluable when creating intuitive GUI.

Client & Application Support
  • Help users with how they use software
  • Fixing problems related to TripleFirst software
  • Minimising down-time

TripleFirst believes that with IT support should mean ‘being there when needed’. Consequently we take our support contracts with our clients very seriously. We provide office hours, extended office hours and 24x7 cover where necessary.

We provide real contact routes - not a 3rd party call centre or off-shore. As far as we are concerned you hired us so you should expect that it’s us who will support you. Our network business model allows us to fix 95% of all problems remotely from a number of locations. We pride ourselves on our speed of response, diagnosis and remedial action.

We can work with you to develop the contract you need, rather than the one we’d like to sell you and we’ll keep it under review to ensure that it continues to fulfil your support requirements.

”Support” is part of delivery and so is very much part of the TripleFIrst 3D approach.

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