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Creative Services

We are proud of our creative heritage having extensive production experience in traditional design, retail and publishing environments.

These shared skillsets mean we have the ability to see a project from several perspectives, which means understanding and appreciating aesthetics as well as functionality. This is invaluable when creating intuitive user interfaces, rich online applications and user experiences or design and illustrative vision.

User Interface Design
  • Analyse any corporate guidelines
  • Understand the target audience
  • Understand the target technologies
  • Incorporate the feel of the project

This is effectively the creative process behind the interface or look and feel of a web site or online application.

The acceptance of a new "system" by users can succeed or fail on the strength of how well the interface has been designed. A successful user interface will blend the technology with supporting the way that users work in their jobs - the very best technology is invisible, which means that it shouldn't get in the way of how someone needs to work.

TripleFirst understands the technologies and the creative process, which is why it succedds in its products and services.

The user interface could be a website, a flash or SilverLight interactive online experience or indeed an online internet application including the latest proven programming languages.

TripleFirst has a full understanding and experience in creating user interface designs for our own applications. We also offer that resource to other programming businesses, with the added appeal that we aren't just a web design house - we appreciate functionality, business logic and the programmers' perspective better than most design houses.

We know that we have a rare mix of skills in this area.

Graphic & Logo Design
  • Consult on media types
  • Analyse the business type
  • Provide design options

TripleFirst's traditional and new media design skills are varied and well rounded. Using in-house designers as well as key design resources sourced from all over Europe, we can provide a full design service for both traditional and new media projects. Clients who have realised the benefits of working with TripleFirst in this area include Sony, Argos, Dixons Stores Group, City Link, C.H.I.D. and Suzuki.

Story Boarding & Illustration
  • Create/Receive and analyse the brief
  • Provide options on media types
  • Delivery and styling options

Many of our projects have led us in to areas of production not usually associated with application development. However when we are asked for peripheral services we can provide resources to fit the demand.

Using the kind of software and hardware we do also keeps us up to date with new skills and solutions to old problems. Having experience in storyboarding for advertising, childrens' animated stories and pencilling for UK comics and merging that with new skillsets learned with the latest technologies like CS3 and tablet devices keeps us at the forefront of modern delievery techniques.

EMAP, Dixons Stores Group, Saachi, CM Comics, Communications International, Ski Survey, SCGB, Comics Creators Guild are just a few of the companies for whom we have been able to provide creative resources.

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